what should i wear?

i would like to meet with you a few days or weeks before the photo shoot. i want to find out what you want, brainstorm with you, talk about locations, props, the feel of the shoot, outfits, and get all the juicy details. i want to get to know you a little bit before the shoot. :] [if this is not possible we can correspond through email or chat]

first off, i would love to help you figure out your outfits! {fashion is my passion} we can even search my closet if needed to find the perfect match. what you wear is important, it sends a message and portrays who you are, you want to look like yourself, but also look your very best! you don't want awkward shoes or an unplanned glimpse of too much skin to take away from your photographs. ladies- go to the mall and tell them you are trying to find the perfect look for your upcoming wedding day or test out their new line of make-up and have them do you up!

wear something classy, timeless, & good quality. but most of all, something that is you! avoid being too matchy-matchy, think more coordinating. here are couple good sites to help you find the perfect outfits...




couple session
aprx two hours
two outfits/one outfit change
two locations

two outfit changes
about an hour

family session
between one & two hours
one location

wedding day
full day coverage
ceremony/temple & reception

these are estimates and may change depending on length of shoot, number of people, location/travel time, etc. we will be sure to finalize a price before the shoot!
any questions? just ask!

how will i get my pictures?

i will put all your photographs on a CD and give you full rights to print and copy as you wish for your personal use. i will include all original photographs and i will edit a number of them as well.